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NordronBig data analytics for you!

At Nordron AB, we identify the part of your data that contains information that can help you take better decisions. In technical terms, we identify informative attributes, features, and decision variables based on data. By using a novel data mining technique, we are able to select the right attributes, features, and variables to improve the predictive power of your models. We primarily offer consultancy services in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, while developing Software as a Service tools for data visualization and analysis.

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    Identification of attributes

    We are specialized at data mining methods that can identify the features or attributes that affect the decisions of your customers with reliable confidence based on recorded data about their past transactions. The identified features constitute the right decision variables that you need to, for example, predict if a customer will accept your next offer or not.

    Selection of Biomarkers

    Data mining approaches are today used to identify thousands of Biomarker candidates that can be used for diagnosis in Medicine, or more generally, as indicators of a biological state or condition. We mitigate the current reproducibility and specificity problem by providing a reliable measure of confidence for each Biomarker candidate.